Effects of stopping masturbation

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While he was of the opinion that a man who has a committed sexual relationship with porn was probably not going to have as successful a relationship with a woman, he had no qualms about watching it. Which he did most days. A related link led Henry to a community of people engaged in attempts to quit masturbation on the social news site Reddit. Henry did not feel awesome. He felt burned out from work and physically exhausted, and his girlfriend had just moved across the country. He had a few sexual concerns, too, though nothing serious, he insists.
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Effects of Masturbation on Testosterone

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Why Men are Quitting Masturbation -- New York Magazine - Nymag

Extended periods of time, to be exact. In many of those occasions it was because I was coming out of a relationship and orgasms were the furthest from my brain. But there have also been other times where I was completely in the right state of mind and abstained from masturbating, because of where I was physically, not emotionally. I can not, no way, no how, masturbate at their house. But where the problem lies is in the fact that I do sometimes spend a considerable amount of time there, in between my travels. The first week is always relatively a breeze. Also, I write about sex , dammit!
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Is masturbation normal?

Are there negative effects of masturbation or is it really a healthy and harmless way to release sexual tension as many believe? Is this really a safe practice for adolescents before marriage, or during a courtship to maintain "purity"? The truth is masturbation will kill you — physically, mentally and spiritually.
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The first text that popped out on my desktop was some kind of psychological study about a patient that had a delusional disorder and had resorted to frequent, violent masturbation. Remembering back, reading the news or hearing about situations that have happened around town, I do kind of remember that mentally disturbed people did resort to taking their clothes off if they had any and masturbating in public. Instead of thinking things through, it just feels fleeting emotions, and reacts without thinking about any of the long-term side effects. There is nothing worse than comparing yourself and your actions to those of a mentally-ill person. There are guys with chronic masturbation issues that have to ejaculate for over times in a single day.

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