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She was just 12 and one of thousands of kids growing up in Children of God communes in the US, where sick leaders put girls on a "sharing schedule", offering them to a different man for each night of the week. Children were also beaten, starved and made to exercise until they passed out in harsh 'prison camps'. It was the swinging sixties and the young mum from Louisiana was keen to throw off the shackles of her Catholic upbringing. Christina's dad didn't want to join the cult - but when he refused to go, cult members came and forcefully took Christina off him. God loves it. Women — both married and single — were expected to give their bodies to any man who wanted them and were forbidden to use birth control.
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Should Boys and Girls Wrestle Each Other? A Case Study in Sex and Cultural Gender Confusion

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Unlike boys, girls lose friends for having sex, gain friends for making out

Despite the many promising advancements feminism has made in recent years, gender inequity is unfortunately still a pervasive problem. As it relates to sexual behavior, there are a lot of unfair expectations and antiquated ideals about how both men and especially women should conduct their bodies. Even though it should be common sense by now that anyone should be able to do whatever they want with their own body without fear of judgment, sexist double standards still exist and, according to a new study , can start affecting us as soon as we've reached sexual maturity. Researchers found that while teen boys seemed to gain popularity and social acceptance after having sex, teen girls' social networks shrank afterwards. The data for the study comes from a group called PROSPER, which examined groups of students from rural Iowa and Pennsylvania in five different waves, starting in sixth grade and ending in ninth grade. Students completed in-home surveys that asked them to nominate their closest friends, and researchers identified peer acceptance by looking at how these "nominations" changed over time in relation to measures of their sexual behavior. During waves where they reported having sex, boys' peer acceptance increased, on average, by 88 percent; meanwhile, girls' popularity after having sex decreased by 45 percent.
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'Boy or girl?' Parents raising 'theybies' let kids decide

Schall declined to elaborate on what possible charges could be filed in the case. The girl and her parents were unwilling to press charges, Schall said. The video was posted on Snapchat and Twitter, and forwarded to local news media, and at least one TV station contacted police, Schall said. Tampa-area defense attorney John Trevena said officers are almost certainly looking into whether anyone who shot cellphone video — or posted it — can be prosecuted under child pornography laws. It should be investigated as a crime, taking advantage of someone with a mental health issue.
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Early adolescent girls lose friends for having sex and gain friends for "making out," while their male peers lose friends for "making out" and gain friends for having sex, finds a new study that will be presented at the th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association ASA. Kreager, the lead author of the study and an associate professor of sociology and criminology at Pennsylvania State University. The study relies on data from the PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience PROSPER longitudinal study, which tracked two cohorts of youth from 28 rural communities in Iowa and Pennsylvania from to when they were in sixth to ninth grade and 11 to years-old.

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