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Sometimes this occurs due hardware related issues such as electrical problems or due to inadvertence, such as someone setting and then forgetting the password. It can happen as the result of accidental use of a Bios password by a new user. This also often occurs when an employee who is quitting or has been terminated, sets the Bios password as some form of retaliation against an employer. Reversing this can be time consuming as well as very frustrating depending upon the motherboard manufacturer and the make and model of the motherboard. Relax though, as it is possible to reset or disable the password.
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How Password Crackers Work and How to Stay Protected

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How Password Crackers Work and How to Stay Protected - Keeper Blog

Skip to content. When you use the internet, you may be connected to thousands of other computers that you exchange information and data with, including personal details. It is important to make sure your device, your information and your privacy are as secure as possible. Some simple precautions will keep you safe online. Most people store a lot of personal information on their computers. Your computer can be attacked in a number of ways over the internet. Viruses and spy-ware can delete files and allow criminals to scan your computer for personal information.
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How to Reset Forgotten Restrictions Password on iPhone, iPad

Restrictions on iPhone or iPad prevent a user from making many changes to the devices settings and allow the disabling of various iOS features, including some apps, functionalities, to disallow certain content types, and the ability to prevent making in-app purchases or buying from the App Store. Restrictions are very commonly used by parents to make a kid friendly iPhone or iPad, and iOS restrictions are also frequently used in academic and public environments to limit a device in various ways. Restrictions are an excellent feature of iOS, but what happens if you forget the Restrictions password in iOS? Can you reset a forgotten Restrictions passcode on iPhone or iPad?
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Password Security. There are dozens of password cracking programs on the market, each with their own special recipe, but they all basically do one of two things: create variations from a dictionary of known common passwords or attempt every possible combination using a method called a brute force attack. That process is slow to begin with, and most services will lock out repeated login attempts anyway.

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