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Thats how it goes down man Still on the block, still doin' what the fuck we do Told you it's no days off You sleep, you gone Yeah. You'll never see an easier dollar than when a fiend bring a dollar Long as youre keepin that product yup And I'm keepin that product, I dont gotta re-stock up Let a drop come, I'm eatin the block up I'm sellin weight customers packs They fiendin the cop stuff and I know the drill, yeah I know it's real You don't wanna have to shut down ya spot And have ya fiends have to come down the block Stop complanin, shut up now and cock take that Cause I will set up down the block And your strip'll be mine, ya Nicks'll be Dimes I will set up now and rock. Nigga, I told you man Take a day off, you fuckin slippin nigga And real niggaz don't do that You follow me? Okay It's all fallin into place!
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Текст песни Losing Weight, Pt. 2, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana

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Young Jeezy Juelz Santana - Fuck Off - ageneuro2016.online

Dip-Set bitch! Come on Black-out, lets do it Dip, dip-set! Dip, dip, dip, dip-s Dip, dip, dip, dip-s Dip, dip, dip, dip [Verse 1: Juelz Santana] Now this here is that bomb diggy diggy Diggy dang, the dons with me Killa, he'll a nigga you thinkin' bout harming me Capo's corrupted yop , he's wrong vato to fuck wit yop Labeled and known as a young Pac to the public And me, Human Crack in the flesh flesh I'm the last of the best best One word to describe me what!
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No Days Off (Feat. Juelz Santana) lyrics

Hook Might do the drop this summer, I make it hot no sauna, I fuck up lots of hunnits, U niggas ain't got no money yea, If I pull da glock he runnin, These niggas don't want no drama, I drop a bomb Osama, I ride in da tents Obama yea, Money wayyyy, Money comin in a hunnit ways, Think I need to buy another safe, I might go buy a new gun today, U need that shit for them summer days Cuz niggas be havin the funny face When they see u do it the money way When they see u do it the money wayyy. Juelz Verse Money Way Money comin in a hunnit ways Can't even count nomore put it on the scale see How much the money way Every 2 pounds that's a K Might be a lil off give or take Fuck it tho that's just chump change That's the money that we give away All dis time we been out here sellin drugs doin crime Call it playin for ya sins nigga, givin back payin ties Real niggas on the rise, fake niggas in the way We Want a slice of the pie, a piece of the cake or we goin ape Young King Verse Money way, money comin in a hunnit ways When I wake up thank the lord I could see another day Shotty leave 2 holes in em got a nigga lookin like the 8 These niggas be sweet like some funnel cake Niggas see me better run away Run away , run away Niggas hate let em hate Ima get straight to the cake Ima just fill up the safe I might just back out the wraith yea I'm still the same I'm still that Nigga from back in da days Niggas told me to get back in my ways Had to bring da monster back out the cage yeaa. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.
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